Add beauty and security to your home’s exterior with a variety of landscape lighting techniques

Todays’ landscape lighting comes in a wide array of choices.  Every customer’s design is different.  For example, with this Cave Creek property we used a variety of landscape lighting techniques incorporating an assortment of fixtures and applications.  From up lights to down lights to wide beam spread bulbs, demonstrating the range of different lighting techniques we can offer. 

Some of the larger saguaro cactus had brighter bulbs while the smaller cacti and rocks were highlighted with a softer, wide beam spread bulbs/fixtures.  Green laser lights were introduced to bring more drama in some areas around the pool.  Even down lights were installed to create the functional lighting needed over the ping pong table area.

HIS Lighting Company will evaluate each and every lighting need for your home’s exterior landscape, and will strive to stay within your budget. Your plan will be optimized by our Master Designer and our team to optimize your experience and divine light.  Please call us today to schedule your lighting consultation – 480-268-6078.