Combination – Up & Down Lighting

The tree was a main target along with the pottery and landscape.  Lights were mounted up in the tree for both the canopy as well as down lighting the below features found on the ground.

Surface Mount – Palm Tree

This application of mounting a light up in the tree has a variety of different advantages, especially when the up lights are a challenge to install.  At this height the light can spread to cover a much broader area with the use of less fixtures.  This also saves the property owner money with using a lower total number of lights.  Also the fixture is protected against being damaged from objects hitting it in the ground.

Long Driveway in Forest

This long driveway had the challenge of lighting it effectively since the ravine on both sides of the drive was a steep drop off.  Vehicles were constantly hitting fixtures on the ground as well.  So up to the trees we went with surface mounted lights shining down on to the driveway.  It is amazing how effective this can be.  The ravine or cars were not a factor now and walking down to the mailbox at dusk was actually a neat experience the home owner looked forward to during the shorter hours of daylight.

Down Lighting – House and Stone Path

By leveraging the big tree we could shine light down onto the front porch area and use pathway lights for the stone walk. This technique was a good compliment to the uplighting on the nearby trees.

Entry Gate – Down Lighting

This beautiful entryway is safe at night thanks to a few strategically placed down lights in the trees.  Welcome home.

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