Back Yard Patio

Sitting area enhanced with bench lights and tree accents.

Entryway – Wall, Columns & Landscape

If your property needs an entryway to really pop, this is a good example of walls, columns, trees and other landscape that has been brought to life.

Courtyard Lighting

This courtyard had some existing soft lighting that needed to be a little brighter for guests approaching the front door.

Back Yard Gazebo Area

The gazebo was a nice back drop to this back yard patio area.  Light was introduced around the stone, trees, and towards the gazebo itself to create a warm inviting atmosphere.

Step Lighting

This corner of the patio had no lighting to help navigate into the sliding glass door.  When the old deck was torn out and brick paver steps were added these step lights were built into the construction.  End result was a nice functional way to include safety into the project.   Also helps to accent the patio bricks.

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