Safety And Security Are The Primary Purposes Of Outdoor Lighting

Installing lighting on walkways and driveways helps improve your home’s safety and security at night. Path lights, spot lighting on nearby landscape and outside wall sconces will help prevent you or anyone else from injuring themselves or driving off of the driveway. Also, lighting your landscape correctly can help eliminate dark areas that potential burglars can use to hide.

In the image gallery below are a few before/after shots from a recent property in Sedona where we recently installed landscape lighting. Driveways and steps are usually a main focal point for most properties, especially in Sedona where the driveways are usually longer and houses in general are built around the large stones/mountain environment.  These long, narrow driveways cause hazards for guests and need to be lit up properly. Keeping the fixtures strategically placed keeps them out of reach of car doors and tires that may cause frequent damage to the lights.

Also, with certain “dark sky” areas like Sedona there are limitations on lighting so only down lights can be used.  In addition to the safety factor that landscape lighting provides, accenting the plants and rocks help make the property unique when lit up a night as well.