Light Up Your Home or Trees with 1,000’s of Laser Lights

Join the revolution with indoor/outdoor decorative laser lights, the future of indoor/outdoor decorative lighting. Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, the high tech laser light allows you to cast dazzling, colorful lights onto any surface.

Laser Lights Are Quick To Set Up and Easy To Use

This approach to lighting is much more efficient as it only takes a few minutes to set up after the initial design is set in place.  No ladders, clips, or long string lights that wrap each tree.  The type of effect can range from stardust to ornaments, to dots or any combination in between.  This product line is a higher end version of less expensive laser options found in some of the big box stores.  It is FAA compliant and constructed out of a longer lasting material as well as being water proof.  Laser lights are available in three vibrant colors – Crimson Stars (Red), Emerald Dust (Green) and Indigo Twilight (Blue), and engineered with high quality, durable components for years of enjoyment.

We were introduced to this laser light technology last Fall as a way to help properties add a different look and feel to their holiday season.  We had a lot of fun during the holidays with improving how nice homes can look at night.

Enjoy Your Laser Lights Year-round

Many of our customers have chosen to pick one or a few big trees on their property to keep the green sparkle look all year round as we can tie this in with their low voltage system to come on each night with the other accent lighting.  Now every night is a celebration!