Happy Customer

This is Anna Warth and you just finished a project for us last week.  I am typically not the person to write a service company thank you notes, but I feel that your company deserves one.  
From the first interaction to the last, working with you was as smooth and seamless as possible.  We have had plenty of recent experience working with other lighting companies and contractors so I feel I can really provide an honest evaluation of the service and products provided by His Lighting.  
First, your communication is great.  You respond to calls and return messages.  You’re on time and flexible with initial meetings and provide timely quotes, and you listened to what we needed and gave us precisely what we asked for (which was to break down the job in two sections because we were needing some of the work done right away and could wait on the other part when convenient for your scheduling department with respect to your other jobs).  
That being said, you were able to pull a crew together almost overnight to help have our house ready for a party we were having less than a week away.  (Once again, thank you for that excellent service). 
Now, I want to mention the crew you sent out.  Your lead gentleman (Scott) was experienced, kind, and so helpful.  He was always eager to answer any question I may have had, and then go beyond by further explaining the how and why of  things being laid out on our job, all without feeling bothered by my questions. He even went above and beyond by finding another qualified contractor for an unrelated electrical issue we discovered.   How terrific of him!    This to me is very professional and goes to the fine quality of workmanship provided.  I appreciated his work and would like to let him know of our appreciation.  Please extend a sincere thank you to him and his helper.  They worked diligently and got the job done fast and left everything clean and tidy when they finished.  
Lastly, I wanted to thank Kim for the suggestions he put forth and for the materials he recommended .  The fixtures he used are of excellent quality.  Kim also was trying to save us unnecessary costs where he could.   
Your company is an outstanding one.  We will never hesitate recommending you whenever we can, and look forward to calling on you for our future needs.   
With gratitude,Anna and Craig