Home, business break-ins higher in some neighborhoods

by Scott Leamon / WSLS NewsChannel 10

Police in Roanoke County, along with Montgomery County, have been investigating almost one break-in per day since the last week of November.

Montgomery County listed 13 breaking and entering calls on it’s crime report since November 24th, 6 were homes, 3 storage buildings, and 4 were businesses, according to Montgomery County sheriff’s office Lt. Brian Wright.

Roanoke County detectives investigated 15 home break-ins, and 8 business break-ins, during that same time period, said Roanoke County Police Lt. Chuck Mason.

Police from across both valleys agreed the amount of home and business break-ins go up around the holidays, although none of them could agree on any one specific reason.

Outdoor lighting, and letting your neighbors know when you’re not home, are the two most significant steps home owners can take to ward off burglars, according to Christiansburg police crime prevention specialist, Sgt. Kevin Tucker.

Tucker said outdoor lighting should be positioned near every entrance to your home, and all of your house’s sides.

The officer estimated proper outdoor lighting could reduce your chances of being burglarized by up to “50 percent.”

Tucker also advised to check your windows to make sure they are locked.

He said to trim back trees and scrubs near your home so any neighbors, or passers-by, could spot someone trying to break in to your house.