Is Your Landscape Lighting Outdated?

Landscape lighting can age over the years, not only in wear and tear, but it can also lose it’s original effectiveness as your backyard vegetation grows and matures.

This property had installed many lights over the past 10+ years to help enhance the landscaping that had matured into a beautiful assortment of plants and trees. Unfortunately, the lights became outdated and the wiring was not enough to handle the amount of lights used. After visiting with the homeowners we came up with a plan to update everything and add some key new location of lights to bring it altogether and create a dramatic experience for the eyes to see.

The landscape lights used to bring this property alive at night were a combination of spot lights, wash lights, path lights, and down lights.  With the spot lights we used a medium beam spread bulb to focus on the red bougainvillea vines in their courtyard and bring some light to the trees. The wall washers used a wider beam spread to provide a softer effect against the walls.  Path lights were used along the sidewalk and in the bed of lantana to help define these areas.  A down light was mounted in the tree next to the sidewalk to create a “moon light” effect at one point along the path.

Now at night as you would begin walking the property from the street view, then make your way through the courtyard, gradually turn down the side of house, and find yourself in the backyard pool area the lighting invites the eyes to follow a dramatic, warm mood that surrounds this entire property.

The pictures are just a small glimpse of the final product that will provide many years of enjoyment after the sun goes down for these clients.