Even With the Summer Heat Your Property Can Look Cool

This is the pool season,  especially around the holidays such as July 4th and Labor Day, with visitors enjoying your back yard.  Many people with pools have a light in the pool but not much light outside the pool. In the past, pools use to have one or two large lights embedded into the wall that light up the water for nighttime swimming. While those built-in lights are still popular, there have been significant changes to pool lighting over the years.

The back drop area surrounding the pool is usually full of beautiful detail that begs to be lit.  Outdoor landscape lighting can make it a space that really stands out. Low-voltage lighting that saves energy and softly lights up your yard is still the best way to enhance your outdoor living spaces and create an atmosphere that will draw you outside at night. Also, added lighting is a safety measure so you can see where you are walking, creating a space that is both safe and functional when the sun goes down.

And, as a center point of the yard, many people enjoy looking at their pool area from inside the house at night.  Why not make it a more dramatic focal point? Consider adding backyard lighting to your pool area and have it really come alive at night. We can help design a lighting system to make your pool and backyard area sparkle! Give HIS Lighting a call today for your complimentary consultation.